Math is Hard, You are Smart

A poem for Katrina, by her Daddy


When you were very little,

Less than two but more than one.

You started out by crawling but

You didn’t find it very fun.

Your very first footsteps,

my dear, didn’t turn out well.

You wobbled, shook, and

Down you went. Right on

Your butt you fell.


Then a few years later,

When you were just a little tyke,

I picked you up and set you down

On your very first new bike.

You pedaled and you pedaled,

But when you went to turn,

You saw a squirrel and down

You went. A face-full of nasty

Concrete burn.


Now you’re such a big girl,

You’re in school and doing math.

I know it’s awfully tempting just

To say “Dad I can’t do this crap!”

But I want you to think back,

To all of those other firsts.

Your busted butt, your road rash face,

and how bad all of it hurt.


But you didn’t give up on walking,

and you kept riding that bike.

And now you run so well and

You can pedal faster than light.


So when you’ve got subtraction,

And division giving you hell,

I hope you’ll realize that it’s just

Another step in your life’s stairwell.

And just like walking and riding,

Eventually it’ll be part of you.

And you’ll wonder why it seemed

So hard, this stuff that’s so easy

For you to do.


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